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Industrial Epoxy Resin Flooring from Polished Concrete Specialists Flowcrete 3

Epoxy Resin Industrial Flooring.

Polished Concrete Specialists are approved installers Flowcrete industrial resin flooring solutions.

Flowcrete is designed to withstand the toughest of environments such as heavy manufacturing machinery, fork lift trucks, pallets and corosive industrial chemicals.


At Polished Concrete Specialists we are trained and experienced in working with Flowcrete products Ferfa Type 8 and Catagory A strength resin flooring systems.  They are designed for your factory or industrial location that need the ultimate in durability and strength.


Flowcrete offers a seamless and self-smoothing epoxy floor coating.

This flooring provides a number of advantages slabs or tiles as it eliminates  cracks and crevices that can lead to germs and contaminents.


Bright and colourful signage is fundamentally important for health and safety in a busy factory or manufacturing plant.

Having clear walkways ensures workers and visitors have guidance as to where the safe spaces are.


In wet processing areas we create enhanced under foot traction to reduce risks of slipping or tripping. We texture the floors with anti slip safety technology.

The seamless nature of the Epoxy flooring allows for quick removal of any excess water or contaminents before they can soak in or cause problems.


Fläkt Woods

Some examples of our recent work with Fläkt Woods in Colchester.

A complete factory epoxy resin flooring solution created by Polished Concrete Specialists working with Fläkt Woods to ensure a safer and brighter working environment for their workers and visitors alike.

Fläkt Woods Health & Safety

Fläkt Woods created this health and saftety video that showcases our Epoxy resin flooring systems very nicely.  Click on the arrow to see more.

Industrial Epoxy Resin Flooring from Polished Concrete Specialists Flowcrete at Flakt Woods Factory

Working with you

In large workplaces, factories and maufacturing plants we like to involve you in the process from the start. A member of our team will meet with you to discuss your flooring options and any style preferences you might have. Following a consultation, we create samples, which will be sent to your premises for approval.


We strive to ensure a guaranteed, hassle free process from first meeting to final installation. As approved installers of Flowcrete, we will create a look that is designed to last and also protect your workforce and visitors.


I would highly recommend them to any business looking to install an easy to clean, durable, high performance flooring solution

Charlotte Marshall


“I have worked with the Polished Concrete Specialists on numerous occasions and have been impressed with their work, every time.”

Mark Ferrznolo

Artek Build Ltd