Polished Concrete Microcement Floors


Volkswagen Showroom, Birmingham Bullring.

Polished Concrete Specialists and Volkswagen created a new polished concrete floor to compliment their minimalist design at the Bullring, Birmingham.

Our team surveyed the showroom and created a stunning polished concrete floor that is easy to clean, hugely durable and capable of sustaining cars being moved in and out.

Utilising Pandomo Loft, the project was completed over a 5 day period:

After prepping floor and cleaned the area we laid an initial 10mm Ardex FA20 fibre reinforced screed.

Ardex R3E resin was laid and then scattered with quartz sand to create a coarse surface.

1 coat of Ardex Pandomo Loft to entire floor area, after a period of 2 hour drying we then laid the final coat of Ardex Pandomo Loft to the entire area. Finally the floors was sanded with Lagler trio sanding machine then sealed with Surface Protection Polyurethane Sealer
Volkswagen car dealership polished concrete floor by Polished Concrete Specialists
Volkswagon commercial polished concrete flooring
volkswagen polished concrete commercial floor in Ardex Pandomo loft