Residential Bathroom

residential polished concrete wet room microtopping ideal work
Bathroom wet room polished concrete floor in mid grey ideal work

Residential Flooring

DateApril 2018
LocationWest Hampstead, London

Polished Concrete Specialists were approached to create a seamless bathroom finish, carrying the flooring up to the bath. The finished result is a contemporary wet room.

Our Solutions

‘Ideal Work’ microtopping  was applied to the floor and the bath surround over a 4 day project period.

  • Prepped and primed the floor, laid the first coat of Ideal Work. Once the floor had be primed,  we sand the area and lay the second coat of Ideal Work Microtopping.  Finally we sanded the area and then applied primers and satin finish sealers

Microtopping is extremely resistant to changes in climate, easy to clean and fast to install. It is also perfect where underfloor heating is used.  Microtopping is also available in a wide range of colours.  Ideal Work Colour Chart