Bathroom, Hampstead

Polished Concrete Floors Bathroom Hampstead London by Polished Concrete Specialists

Polished Concrete Bathroom Floor, Hampstead, London

A call came into us from a customer in distress about her polished concrete bathroom floor.

Two flooring companies had both created flooring that left a hard rough industrial look that was not what the client wanted at all.

Firstly we smoothed out the floor creating with a fresh polished concrete Microtopping from Ideal Work

Ideal Work Microtopping is perfect for a continuous and tactile surface that can make any space unique.

Microcement Microtopping renews existing surfaces without having to remove them.  An ideal solution for this project.

Bespoke colours mxiing Ideal Work full smoke with a hint of green to match a colour of the mosaic tiles in the shower area.

The Microtopping floor is now resistant to changes in climate and also very easy to clean.

In short the owner was extremely pleased.