Microment Polished Concrete for Walls

Requests for polished concrete walls are on the increase, perhaps due to their contemporary urban aesthetic which lends itself to various styles of interior design. We at Polished Concrete Specialists use a micrometer hand applied wall covering to create a polished concrete look.

So what is Microment?

Microment is a special blend of cement and resin which can be applied to almost any surface. Applied at a thickness of between 2 and 4mm, Microment can be applied in an array of colours and finishes including, matte, satin or gloss.


Ease of application means that microment can be applied quickly with the minimum amount of disruption to your dwelling or commercial property. We’ve had great success with microment installations for retailers such as Top Shop, with application on display boards. Water resistant, microment is also suitable for bathroom settings.

Microment applied to an office setting.

To find out more about microment’s suitability for your home, office or commercial property please get in touch.