Polished Concrete Microcement



Similar to a burnished concrete look, the microcement finish provides a textured surface finish whilst remaining smooth under foot. The expressive character left by the trowel marks, create an individual texture which is perfect for individual design concepts. 

We use Ideal Works and Pandomo Loft microcements to for the ideal floor covering for both commercial and residential environments.

Allowing all surfaces to be designed with consistency of colour and finish in mind, Loft offers designs ranging from classical, contemporary, urban or vibrant, or a style truly individualised to match your inspiration and requirement.

Polished Concrete floors are a real all-rounder in the world of internal surface design and installation and is fast becoming the flooring of choice for interior designers.

Hoxton Hotel polished concrete flooring in Ardex Pandomo Loft dark grey
Polished Concrete floors at Senturion Key London Showroom by Polished Concrete Specialists

Our microcement applications are both classy and adaptable, combining sophistication and modernity with toughness and simple upkeep. They add beauty and a unique touch to any new construction or renovation project. If you want to bring a chic, straightforward style to your home or workspace, get in touch with our helpful sales team. We’ll guide you on technical details, looks, and pricing.

Microcement Colours


The colours of the microcement displayed are just a guide. We suggest getting an actual sample of the colour before deciding. Since microcement is applied by hand, differences in shade, texture, and colour might show up across larger areas.

Download our Ideal Work Microtopping Colour Chart here


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